An adventure experience

We don’t just walk your dog, we’d rather bring him or her on an adventure with us.

A regular walk is certainly important and essential for any dog as a daily routine. And this is what separates an adventure from a walk, an adventure is nothing but a routine, it’s an experience packed with new sights, smells and sounds.


Every dog deserves an adventure from time to time, not only to stay active but to create a “calm state of mind, happy dog”

Transformation of a dog

It’s always amazing to see a dog transform when I bring a dog out. There is so much excitement, a factor of surprise, a factor of what’s going to come next and a factor of total satisfaction paired with a cloud of calm and peace. It’s an amazing experience really. But, to be honest, not every adventure starts as smoothly as planned, some dogs are rather nervous and perhaps even scared to leave their regular space, their place where they feel at home, their favorite human. That’s where I give it my all and everything since the motivation that drives me is the goal to get a “five star rating” directly from the dog I have with me. Virtually derived from the wiggle of the tail, the smile on the face and the sparkle in their eyes.

There is no difficult dog to me, there is only the quest to handle each dog individually based on his or her specific needs, specific character, specific level of fitness and psychological state. I’ll drive myself to deliver the best and adjust the routine based on my observations. So not every trip is orchestrated the same way, not at all, each trip is individually shaped based on the day, the dog and what we encounter together on our way together.

A walk is a routine, an adventure is an all new experience, just like going on a vacation

However, one thing remains to be accomplished for every adventure trip, allowing as many new sights, sounds and smells as possible. Just like if we humans go on a vacation, we are very excited to see something new, experience the smells, hear the sounds of nature or of the busy streets. All this experience builds our memory, adds to how we perceive our world, shapes who we are and ultimately tells us where we stand in our lives.

Don’t we all like to go on a vacation and leave our comfort zone from time to time

Sometimes I really wonder what the dog who just returned from an adventure with us is going to tell his fellow dogs once he or she is back in their regular environment. Perhaps they’ll show-off how amazing the experience was. I guess we will never know since dogs can’t speak, but not true, they do talk and smile with their tails and eyes. They wiggle and look calm and relaxed, exactly the best reason for us to bring dogs on a trip. It’s rewarding for all, the owner, the dog and us as we all give the most of us for the same reason – enjoying a great time out.

We made it our task to excite

Looking forward to bringing the same excitement to your dog. We know you are having a busy work or family schedule, so that’s why we are here to help you and your dog to get the exposure they deserve.

Want to know more how PAWBies can help you and your dog? Then book an appointment session with us or get in touch via WhatsApp. Happy to read your comments and to receive your feedback.

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