Coming along with us

A dog’s natural instinct is to walk.

It really is essential that dogs are walked regularly and for long enough. They are obedient, loyal and loving and deserve to be taken out at least twice a day as it is something they really look forward to during the day.


The main benefit of walking a dog is that it provides them with the exercise they need to stay fit and healthy

Coming along with us

For the first time today, for sure not the last time, we had our client’s “favourite human” with us on our adventure trip with “Trotsky”, the dog who has been adopted from a Hong Kong dog shelter by her owner less than a year ago. Usually, we don’t have the dog owner with us while we are on an adventure trip. But this time around it was the special circumstances that triggered us to bring Trotsky’s owner Alina with us as she will be away for a month. So, we wanted to support both to experience an especially good time together which creates lasting memories. Not to worry, Alina will be back soon and while she is away Trotsky is well taken care of by his dad and us.

It was a last-minute arrangement for us to handle, so we had to improvise with utmost professionalism as always. Alina and Trotsky already know us from previous walks we had with him, hence we knew what we should prepare for him in terms of selecting an adventure that suits his physical strength, age and the available time while making sure we walk him safely during a rather hot and humid day. Since we test walk all our adventure trip trails, we quickly decided where to bring Trotsky so that we all, especially him, can experience something special – experiencing the wonders of water in a cool, natural environment. Personally, this is my favourite trail as well, especially because the vast part of the walk is under a natural sun cover, with plenty of shade, a rather refreshing atmosphere alongside a cooling, clean water stream. Even I enjoy it each time – regardless how hot the day is.

Obviously, what is of great importance to us, is that the dog we are being trusted with, is safe and not exposed to the hot summer humidity for a prolonged time. This is where this trail works its wonder since there are several natural pools, filled with clean and cold water, not to deep and with a slight, fresh, constant water stream. And we know where the best spots are.

Best memories are made of best moments with best friends

We certainly delivered what was our own target and expectation. Trotsky was in his doggy element, smiling all the way, very much running free and exploring the area, discovering the magic of water and enjoying a cool and clear bath in nature. We recoded the trip as usual including short videos and a good number of photos, some of which are presented below. Or relive the full adventure by visiting Relive. One thing is clear, Trotsky will be back with us soon, but next time around we will deliver him with another new environment and experience to remember, perhaps even together with his best furry friend.

In summary, the trip took about 3 hours with an actual walking time of about 2 hours and an actual distance of 4 km walked. The remaining time was used to bring Trotsky safely to and from his home. We started at 3pm on a weekday. Usually, we do not walk that late in the day but this time around we made an exception to allow both, Alina and Trotsky to enjoy the adventure together for a lasting memory.

About “Trotsky”

Breed: Mongrel
Size: Medium
Age: 1 Year
We find him: Playful, friendly, energetic, loves water

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