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All dogs deserve an adventure!

More than any other pet, dogs are always excited to go outside, smell new odors, discover new places and meet new friends, both humans or dogs. They are curious and adventurous. And that’s no doubt the most important reason why being on an adventure with a dog is great.


Give your dog in our hands with a great peace of mind

7 things we include because the wellbeing of your flurry friend is our priority

We know how much you care about your dog, how much responsibility and trust you put into our hands. Thus, we set our own standard high and provide everything for a worry-free adventure experience. Your dog is secure with us, well taken care of by experienced and certified dog enthusiasts – who we are.

What's provided

1. Pickup & Return

Your dog is collected and returned to you by our dedicated pet van. Each dog is secured and accompanied during the van ride.

2. Follow the trail

Before your dog explores the adventure journey with us, we place a special GPS tracking device onto your dog’s collar. This allows you to follow every single move during the adventure trip. If you would like to keep the GPS tracker please let us know and we will tell you how.

3. Keeping your dog energized

Freshly prepared chicken broth, healthy snacks “Made in Hong Kong” from 100% fish from Iceland, without artificial additives and free of gluten and lactose are provided alongside with freshly prepared boiled chicken filled with natural protein, vitamins, and minerals. Enough fresh water is provided as well. If your dog has a food allergy or is on a special diet, please let us know beforehand so that we can prepare a special set of dog food.

4. The essentials

Keeping the environment clean and tidy behind, is just as important to us as gifting your dog with an amazing adventure experience. Our staff have all the essentials included for the day, including pet waste bags, a bowl for each dog and a towel in case it gets wet out there for no reason.

5. Pampering

Your dog is returned to you, washed as clean and furry as you have handed over your man’s best friend to us.

6. Psst! A surprise!

What’s an adventure without a pleasant surprise? Well, it’s perhaps an adventure without the “Ad”. Hence, we have a surprise ready for you right before we return the dog back to you to make sure that you and your pet have a lasting good memory of the lovely day together with us.

7. And finally, pictures, pictures, pictures!

We’ll make sure to send you pictures while we are on the move. Our team has tested and walked every of our adventure trails. We know the exact best spots to get the right frame in. Don’t be surprised if your phone keeps receiving photos on the actual day of the adventure.

Carefully selected adventures!

Each adventure is carefully selected by the PAWBies team, fully test walked including rest time for your dog, the overall condition of the trail, the exposure to the sun as well as the total walking time and distance. We take much effort in ensuring the safety and well-being of the dogs we are taking care of.


It’s not about walking your dog, it’s about taking care of your pet with utmost preparation and devotion to every detail

4 essentials for your peace of mind

To ensure your peace of mind we safeguard every adventure with our four core elements. In case you have any additional questions or concerns please reach out to us via WhatsApp or by email at or simply make use of our contact form. We will get back to you as swiftly as possible.

Service you can trust

1. Experienced and qualified dog walker

Our dog walkers are not only devoted to care for your pet, they are moreover either qualified by HKDR as a dog walker or have completed an international recognized certification. But, what matters most – they are staff members instead of freelance walkers. They have walked dogs of all kinds, all shapes and sizes and with various characters. They have walked hundreds of dogs, not just from yesterday, but in their entire life.

2. Live tracking while on the move

Follow the adventure trail online. Every dog we walk is equipped with a fully anonymous GPS tracker which you can access via our own secure and private GPS tracking site. Confidential and personalized login details will be provided once we pickup your dog for the adventure trip. You may decide to keep the tracker for future adventures. Just let us know and we will arrange a permanent device for your dog – small and lightweight!

3. Insurance coverage

We don’t take any unnecessary risks, hence all our adventure trips are covered by an insurance policy protecting your dog and our team against potential incidents. A thoughtful preparation is essential to us and to the overall experience for your dog and yourself.

4. Healthy treats exclusively handmade in Hong Kong

Let us surprise your dog with a finest selection of all natural snacks exclusively produced by hand in Hong Kong, made from the best ingredients. We purchase these products directly from our local partner. Let us know what taste your dog favors and we will not fail to surprise her or him.

Customer voices

Nice leash! Perfect for the beach!

July 13, 2024

Glad I found these. They don’t only look good but deliver what they promise. Perfect for playing at the each!

Avatar for James

Response from PAWBies - Passion for Dogs

Thank you for your comments. Enjoy the sunny days out at the beach together with your doggy.

Love the look and the color

April 30, 2023

I just got myself the blue/yellow leash set from Pawbies and it is very stylish. I like the amazing color and the workmanship of the set. Can’t wait to bring my dogs out to the beach 😉

Avatar for Sarah Wong
Sarah Wong

Response from PAWBies - Passion for Dogs

Thanks Sarah! Now is the perfect time for fun time out at the beach! Enjoy the moment.

Great leashes

September 22, 2022

Got the leash and collar for my pups and they are super nice. Love the color and the material of it. Leightweight and easy to clean which is a bonus

Avatar for Vicky

Response from PAWBies - Passion for Dogs

Thanks for sharing your review and trying our leash on your pups. We are glad that they do work for you. Your feedback will help us to improve our products even further 🙂 Your PAWBies Crew!

Perfect Leash and Collar

August 18, 2022

I got LEMON YELLOW leash and yellow collar, the color is gorgeous and eye catching ! Pretty cool material that kinda feels somewhere between rubber and leather and is entirely weatherproof and break-resistant, it doesn’t get dirty or smelly when wet. Trust me, I tried !

Extremely perfect for the rainy and humid HK.

The lead is nice and soft in your hand, my hand doesn’t feel hurt anymore when my dog is pulling me. I love the finish of the metallic parts and they have a really classy look. It also surprisingly fit well on my waist so I can free my hand picking up her poopoo =p

Highly recommend !

Avatar for Ally

Response from PAWBies - Passion for Dogs

Thanks so so much Ally for you kind review! We are very happy to read your opinion about our lead and collar. In fact your comments validate all our efforts in providing a really well made and comfortable, safe product. Happy walking your furbaby 😉

Amazing job!

July 21, 2022

Nana has done an amazing job! Our dog had a great time with her. I really recommend Nana to anyone who is looking for a friend to your pet.

Avatar for Trotsky

Response from PAWBies - Passion for Dogs

Dear Alina,

It has been a pleasure to have Trotsky with us on so many occasions. He truly has become our friend. Your words are very meaningful to us, since a friendship is hard to earn. Thank you so much for your comments and trust in us, especially in Nana. We will always remain a good friend for Trotsky whenever he needs us.

Thank you!

Nana @ PAWBies

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Our credo is our philosophy!

We believe in total sustainability, quality in all aspects, for the environment, the dogs and their owners. Therefore we teamed up with the best in their area of expertise, craftmanship and with those who embrace the same values as we do. At PAWBies we bring handmade quality products to the Hong Kong region. All our products are crafted and produced with German standards in our workshop.