Discover SMART Trail

Protect beyond tracking with
SMART active location tracking

Provide easy identification with
SMART tagging and easy scanning

Know your dog’s condition with
SMART movement and step tracing

Your dog’s social home with
SMART full control over what you share

SMART Trail v1
“Developed for dogs by people
with passion for dogs”

“The SMART Trail is an intelligent device, combining a digital tag, tracker and activity monitor into one simple to use, functional, purpose-built device for your dog.  It is highly accurate in detecting your dog’s position as well as to ensure that your dog has the best possible protection when on the run and found by someone. It keeps track of your dog’s step pattern and position over a long distance. It provides a social home for your furry friend.”

Protection and control

Safely protect your dog via a digital tag and a true active movement tracker and step detector. The SMART Trail v1 has been designed specifically for the use with dogs from small, medium to large size.

Slim functional design

Not only SMART in functions but SMART designed for comfortable fit for small to large dogs through adjustable collar clips. Explicitly designed for dogs. Toolless installation onto collars from 15 mm to 25 mm.

Add cool colours to your dog

Customizable colour options to match the SMART Trail v1 with your dog’s PAWBies collar or any other collar. Or simply use different colour rings for your second or third dog.

Toolless installation and wireless charging

Quick install and remove the collar clips designed to fit well with collar size from 15 to 25 mm width. Wireless fast charging and charging pins for maximum ease of battery recharging. Remove the clips to use the SMART Trail for other tracking needs. It’s so easy and flexible to install and remove the collar clips.

Charge with a cable or wireless

We know how inconvenient charging can be, that’s why we not only looked at long battery life but moreover added a wireless charging and cable charging option without the hassle of having to insert a fragile cable. Simply connect the pins – ready to refuel made simple.


LED indicators and protected against unwanted water and dust

Dogs are active, run, play, swim, roll and simply enjoy the moment. That’s why we protected the SMART Trail v1 against water and dust. Status indicators are positioned below the transparent lid cover to quickly read the tracker’s status including GPS and cellphone signal.

Intuitive Web interface and mobile App

Fast, secure and easy access to PAWBies intuitive desktop and mobile App. Your data is safe, delivered to you fast and reliable, hosted on PAWBies own systems outside of China. Follow and locate your dog in true real-time, share the location, seek help, activate geo-fencing or simply replay your dog’s movement history. The mobile App is available for Android and iOS devices. The PAWBies interface works best on mobile devices, tablets or your desktop computer. Both, App and desktop application are included with your SMART Trail device.


Privacy matters not only to you – It matters to us

You’re in control of your data. Enable 2-factor authentication to best protect your account and the stored data. The PAWBies application is fully compliant with EU and US data protection regulations. Delete your data whenever you feel it is no longer of any value to you.

“The SMART Trail is your dog’s social home and active guardian with high accuracy and well-protected data over a large distance. It withstands water and dust due to its purpose-built sturdy design and functionality.”

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Be the first to know

Stay updated about the all new SMART Trail v1 from PAWBies. Be among the first to receive a special pre-order offer. Simply sign-up and we will be in touch with you once we are ready to revolutionize active dog tracking and monitoring your dog’s condition. We promise not to spam you – ever – as we respect your privacy!

How far can the SMART Trail follow my dog?

The PAWBies SMART Trail is a true active tracker. There is no limitation on distance. The SMART Trail works fully independent and does not require any cellphone to function. Unlike for Apple’s air tag or similar devices, for the SMART Trail there is no dependency on an available iPhone or Android device.

What is active tracking?

The PAWBies SMART Trail is a true active tracker. Many other advertised trackers are not active or, in other words, they do not function as a standalone device and are highly dependable on other devices such as the availability of a cellphone in close proximity. To read more about the difference between true active tracking and poor passive tracking, read this short article from our blog section.

Can my dog wear the SMART Trail?

Generally yes. The PAWBies SMART Trail is designed to be attached to any dog collar from 15 mm to 25 mm width. It can be attached and removed without the need of a tools. Simply remove the clips by pressing the release buttons.

How and how often to charge the SMART Trail?

The SMART Trail includes an inbuilt wireless fast charger and two charging pins. You can either fast charge wireless or with the included charging cable and pins located under the transparent top cover.

The SMART Trail has a long standby time of 40 days and may require re-charge based on the dog’s activity. The SMART Trail is an active tracker and monitoring device which sends highly accurate global positioning (GPS) data in real-time via a 4G cellphone network directly to the PAWBies server.

How to clean the SMART Trail?

Like all PAWBiews products, the SMART Trail is made from sturdy and easy to clean materials. Hence, the SMART Trail can be wiped clean with a wet tissue or slightly moist kitchen towel. The SMART Trail is water and dust protected.

Where are the SMART Trail data stored and are they secure?

The SMART Trail data are stored on PAWBies own secure cloud servers. Our servers are powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). The servers are located outside of China. Your dog’s data is not shared or otherwise used outside of the PAWBies environment. We take your dog’s and your own privacy very serious. We fully comply with EU, US and local data protection regulations.

Where and when can I buy the SMART Trail v1?

The SMART Trail v1 is available  on or before Q1 2023. It can be pre-ordered via PAWBies.Com here. Please subscribe to the product launch announcement to be among the first to know, enjoy a promotional early bird exclusive offer only available to product launch announcement subscribers.

SMART Trail Specification


Dimension 62 L x 35 W x 20 H mm
Weight 45 gr
Collar Width Support for 15 mm to 25 mm with toolless installation
GPS Network GPS, BDS, GLONASS, QZSS, AGNSS for global use
Cellphone Network 4G Network with support for 2G and 3G
SIM Type Micro Sim tray
Battery Information 1000 mAh with 40 days standby
Charging Function Wireless fast charging and via cable
Water and Dust Protection IP64 protected against dust and water
Software Update Function Wireless update function
App Support iOS and Android
Activity Monitor Dog’s step count
Compliance REACH, RoHS, CE Marking, FCC

Our credo is our philosophy!

We believe in total sustainability, quality in all aspects, for the environment, the dogs and their owners. Therefore we teamed up with the best in their area of expertise, craftmanship and with those who embrace the same values as we do. At PAWBies we bring handmade quality products to the Hong Kong region. All our products are crafted and produced with German standards in our workshop.