Stay cool during the Summer

A dog’s natural instinct is to walk.

It really is essential that dogs are walked regularly and for long enough. They are obedient, loyal and loving and deserve to be taken out at least twice a day as it is something they really look forward to during the day.


The main benefit of walking a dog is that it provides them with the exercise they need to stay fit and healthy

Staying cool in the heat

An adult dog should be walked twice a day and for at least an hour and a half in total. A recent survey in the UK has shown that over a million dog owners leave their dogs in a room when they are away from the house, sometimes for hours on end whilst they are at work. It also found that 1 in 10 of dog owners don’t take their companion out for a walk if the weather isn’t pleasant. These statistics clearly illustrate that some dogs in the UK are not being walked enough.

If a dog is left cooped inside up all day then he or she will not be able to burn-off any excess fat that they store from eating. Summertime in Hong Kong certainly does not make it easy for dog owners to have their dog walked daily for long enough while not having the dog exposed to the sun and heat. Well, the good news is that at PAWBies we test walk every trail we select in our dog adventure program. Surprisingly some of the selected walks are even refreshing in the hot summer weather. They are located alongside cool river streams with full natural cover and shade for most of the adventure walk.

I just completed such a walk yesterday, bringing two dogs with special needs out. They are both rescue dogs living with HKDR in Tai Po. Both have a very rare chance to walk for a prolonged period of time and to experience new smells, sights and sounds or even a cool dip into the river stream to keep refreshed in the heat. So rewarding to see them so so excited during the trip, happy and relaxed on their way back to their homes. We love Alton and Sarah, please consider to adopt them if you read this.

Staying active has plenty psychological benefits

In general, most dogs that have been on a walk will have a calm state of mind afterwards and it is often thought a tired dog is a happy dog. Dogs are extremely active creatures and if they do not get out of the house enough then they may become depressed, feel anxious or start having behavioural problems.

Let us give your dog an adventure

Visit Relive to relive the complete adventure wit Alton and Sarah who are both shelter dogs with HKDR in Tai Po. Adopt them, both are amazingly sweet and easy to handle and generally not aggressive towards other dogs. We met dogs on our way and it all went well. I guess it is in part how we handle the dogs. We always keep our calm while closely engaging with the dog we handle and the dog that crosses our path. It’s so important to keep the calm while expressing who is in charge. Ultimately it is about balance and skill.

Want to know more how PAWBies can help you and your dog? Then book an appointment session with us or get in touch via WhatsApp. Happy to read your comments and to receive your feedback.

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